Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Fun Ideas for Announcing Your Engagement

Mail Announcements
The traditional way to announce that you have just been engaged is to mail letters or cards to family and friends. You can buy ready-made engagement cards on stationery stores. But the better way of course is to make a personalized letter or card so that the recipient can feel how important he or she is to the couple.
To save you money, and effort, use this also as a save-the-date card. Now, if you are techie and you do not want to consume too much paper, electronic mailed announcements can be the ideal option for you. Just bear in mind that you should only send out mail announcements to people you intend to invite on your wedding day.

Publish in Local Newspaper
Another customary way of announcing an engagement is by having a published announcement in the local newspaper. First, you have to call up the newspaper staff to inquire about guidelines, fees, deadlines or rules about announcements. Ask if you can send in photographs, graphic designs, and your own words. Typically, a newspaper engagement announcement includes information about the two of you such as educational background, professional credentials, and parents’ names. Wedding date is not usually included to avoid gatecrashers or home burglaries.

Throw a Party
For those who love to party, the most fun way to announce the news is to throw a wonderful bash consisting of family and friends. To add to the fun factor, do not tell anyone that you and your future spouse are engaged so that it would be a surprise. Instead, let them think that it is just a regular gathering. Do not forget that you should only invite to the party those whom you are going to invite at the wedding so that you do not offend anybody.

Make a Wedding Website
The Internet is a great venue for announcing your engagement. It is accessible, easy-to-do, and simple! You do not have to be a techno-savvy to pull this one off. Many wedding websites offer guides and templates on how to create personal wedding websites as well as user-friendly website building tools that you can use to inform family and friends about the upcoming wedding and keep them updated with the latest details.

Give Away Announcement Gifts
This is not a common practice but if you want to make your engagement extra special, you can consider sending little gifts that would come with the engagement announcement. For example, you can give away small potted plants with a tag line that says, “You have seen how our love has bloomed so we want to share with you the news that we are getting married soon!” You can also send a set of decorative ribbons that recipients can use for wrapping gifts. To give it a fun creative twist, tie one of the ribbons into a knot and scribble on that ribbon something like, “We are tying the knot!”

There are various traditional and creative ways you can use to let people know that you are getting married. At the end of the day, it depends on your and your partner’s choice on how you are going to announce your engagement. Whatever way you choose to do it, you can expect surprised and happy reactions from people closest to you.


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