Sunday, April 28, 2013

Classic Photo Booths

Classic Photo Booths
Want a great way to capture candid and FUN shots of your party guests? Still gaining in popularity, classic Photobooths are finding their way into more & more weddings and other special events. One of the hottest party trends out there, they're popping up everywhere from wedding receptions to galas and parties. They serve as both entertainment and historian, serving up fun to guests while recording the event's memorable moments!

Photobooths have captured the world's imagination for generations. Photobooths helped send memories to families and friends during wartime and throughout the fifities and sixties - often found on boardwalks, amusement parks, county fairs and country stores. Whether in old-fashioned black & white or color, the excitement of 4 flash, 4 pose photography is still all about fun!

If your budget allows, you can rent one of these booths for your reception. Just like the kind you'd find at an arcade, guests can pile in for cool strips of black-and-white (or color) shots. And some photobooths will print extras, so you can scrapbook the photos of your guests along with their hand-written 'best wishes'.

Photobooths create immediate fun and snapshots of life for future generations; a simple tug of the curtain and you're immortalized forever! Photobooths are reliable, and produce quality that lasts for generations.

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